Enterprise strategic development planning

To build ten billion yuan and the national first-class construction enterprise group

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Enterprise profile

Organizational structure
Mechanism setup

  I. Group Headquarters

  1.Party Committee office, responsible person Zhang Qibiao。

  2.Human Resources Department, head Zhang Ying。

  3.General Office, head Yang Shaocan。

  4.Office of the Board of Directors, responsible Zhang Qibiao。

  5.Discipline inspection and supervision office, responsible Zhu Kaihua。

  6.Legal Affairs Department, head Zhang Shouliang。

  7.Investment and Financing Audit Department (Risk Management Department), responsible person Zhang Zhengxiong。

  8.Finance Department, Xiong Yanjun。

  9.Business department, responsible for Wang Jianhe。

  10.Engineering Management Department, head Chen Liujian。

  11.Quality and Safety Department, responsible Jiang Wei。

  12.Chief engineer Office, responsible Yang Tongming。

  13.Provincial enterprise technology center, responsible for Xu Hongxuan。

  14.Union, head Lee Kae-soo。

  15.Youth League Committee, head Qin Jie。

  Ii. Wholly-owned subsidiaries

  1.Guizhou Zhongjian Weiye Real Estate Development Co., LTD. (formerly Qiandongnan Zhongxing Real Estate Development Company, housing development level), responsible for Yang Zaizhao。

  2.Sansui Suimin Real Estate Development Co., LTD., responsible Yang Zaizhao。

  3.Guizhou Zhongjian Weiye Construction (Group) Zhucheng Construction Co., LTDYang Xiaohui, the person in charge。

  4.Guizhou Zhongjian Weiye Construction (Group) Zhongjie Co., LTD., responsible person Qin Jie。

  5.Guizhou Zhongjian Weiye Construction (Group) Zhongrong Co., LTDThe person in charge is Duan Shirong。

  6.Guizhou Zhongjian Weiye Construction (Group) ZhongRunyuan Limited责任公司The person in charge is Zhang Guochao。

  7.Guizhou Zhongjian Weiye Construction (Group) Zhongzhe Limited责任公司, responsible person Hou Saiying。

  8.Guizhou Zhongjian Weiye Construction (Group) Zhongyi Limited责任公司, director Zhang Zeyong。

  9.Guizhou Zhongjian Weiye Construction (Group) Construction Travel Co., LTD责任公司Luo Fenglin is in charge。

    10.Guizhou Zhongjian Weiye Construction (Group) Zhongtong Limited责任公司Yang Wei, the person in charge。

    11.Guilin Zhongjian Weiye Construction (Group) Zhongjun Wall Co., LTD责任公司The person in charge is Jiang Yingyao。

    12.Guizhou Zhongjian Weiye Construction (Group) Bingan limited责任公司The person in charge is Pan Qianlin。

    13.Guizhou Zhongjian Weiye Construction (Group) Zhongmao Limited责任公司The person in charge is Peng Wei。

    14.Guilin Zhongjian Weiye Construction (Group) Yundu Co., LTD责任公司The person in charge is He Shaolin。

    15.Guizhou Zhongjian Weiye Construction (Group) Zhongfa Limited责任公司The person in charge is Wang Nengfa。

    16.Guizhou Zhongjian Weiye Construction (Group) Construction Technology Co., LTD责任公司Peng Kaiqi in charge。

    17.Guizhou Zhongjian Weiye Construction (Group) Equipment leasing Co., LTD., responsible for Yang Shenghui。

    18.Guizhou Zhongjian Weiye Construction (Group) Trading Co., LTD., responsible for Yang Shenghui。

    19.Qiandongnan Architectural Design Institute limited liability company, responsible Yang Jie。

  20.Guizhou Blue Investment Real Estate Co., LTD., responsible person to the torch。

  21.Guizhou Xingkai Engineering Quality Testing Co., LTD., responsible person Liu Ying。

  22.Qiandongnan Chengxin Property Services limited liability company, responsible for Wu Suqin。

  23.Qiandongnan state material management limited liability company, responsible Qiao Xianping。

  24.Qiandongnan Guangjian Research Chemical Co., LTD., responsible for Hu Xiaofeng。

  3. Holding subsidiaries

  1.Guizhou Zhongjian Weiye Construction (Group)Zhongtai Hechuang Limited liability Company (housing construction, municipal secondary enterprises), responsible Wu Shuiming。

  2.Guizhou Zhongjian Weiye Construction (Group)Zhongsheng Limited liability Company, responsible Yang Jing。

  3.Guizhou Zhongjian Weiye Construction (Group)中凯Limited liability company,负责人毛翠柏。

  4.Guizhou Zhongjian Weiye Construction (Group)Yao Cheng Limited liability company, responsible for He Glory。

  Four, under the party branch

  1.Organ party branch, responsible Zhang Qibiao。

  2.Zhenyuan branch Party branch, responsible for Cao Yan。

  3.Leishan branch Party branch, responsible Zhang Hong。

  4.Shi Bing branch Party branch, responsible for Zheng Yu。

  5.Taijiang Branch Party branch, responsible for Hou Saiying。

  6.Jianhe branch Party branch, responsible Yang Jing。

  7.Guizhou Zhongjian Weiye Construction (Group)耀诚Limited liability companyParty branch, head Liao Xiaocheng。

  8.Guizhou Zhongjian Weiye Construction (Group) Zhongtai Joint Creation Co., LTD. Party branch, responsible Jiang Fuyu。

  9.Qiandongnan Chengxin Property Services limited liability company Party branch, responsible for Wu Suqin。

  10.Qiandongnan state material management limited liability company party branch, responsible Qiao Xianping。

  11.Qiandongnan Guangjian Research chemical Co., LTD. Party branch, responsible Hu Xiaofeng。

  12.Guizhou Zhongjian Weiye Real Estate Development Co., LTD. Party branch, responsible Yang Zaizhao。

  13.Guizhou Zhongjian Weiye Construction (Group) Zhongjie Co., LTDParty branch, head Qin Jie。

  14.Party branch of Construction Survey and Design Institute of Guizhou Zhongjian Weiye Company, responsible Peng Kaiqi。

  15.Guizhou Xingkai Engineering Quality Testing Co., LTD. Party branch, responsible person Liu Ying。

  5. Branches inside and outside the province

      Architectural survey and Design Institute, mechanical and electrical equipment installation company, decoration and decoration branch, Nangao revitalization branch, intelligent fire branch, garden ancient construction branch, power engineering branch, Zhenyuan branch, Leishan branch, Shibing branch, Taijiang branch, Huangping branch, Jianhe branch, Rongjiang branch, Danzhai branch, Tianzhu branch, JinPing Branch, Cengong Branch, Congjiang Branch, Sansui Branch, Liping Branch, Guiyang branch, Tongren branch, Liupanshui branch。

  6. Branches outside the province

  Guangxi Branch, Hunan Branch, Sichuan Branch, Chongqing Branch, Yunnan branch, Hubei branch, Enshi Branch, Heze Branch, Zhejiang branch, South China Branch, Hainan branch, Jiangxi branch

  7. Participate in the enterprise

  1.Guizhou Kaili Rural Commercial Bank Co., LTD。

  2.Kaili Huaxiang Nonferrous nuclear industry engineering survey Co., LTD。

  3.Guizhou Junrong Forestry (Group) Co., LTD。

  4.Guizhou traditional village Tourism development Co., LTD。

  5.Guizhou blue Investment Real Estate Co., LTD。

  6.Guizhou Liping Jiumu Forestry Development Co., LTD。

  7.Qiandongnan Kaidou pipeline corridor construction operation management limited liability company