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Blood to protect life, act to practice the original heart - the group company organized employees to participate in unpaid blood donation activities
Source: Website   时间:2023-07-17 08:34:36    阅读:1267

Blood to protect life, bear the practice of the original heart。On the morning of July 10, the staff of the group company actively participated in the unpaid blood donation activity under the organization of the group trade union, showing the staff style and demonstrating the corporate responsibility。 

At the blood donation site, the cadres and staff successively completed the form registration, health examination, blood screening and other procedures, and then donated blood to the blood donation car in an orderly manner. The whole process was orderly, showing the positive and good mental outlook of CCC people, and demonstrating everyone's selfless feelings of enthusiasm for public welfare and courage to shoulder social responsibility。

Every little flow becomes an ocean. Every little act of kindness becomes a great love。According to statistics, in only one morning, 19 people from the Group participated in unpaid blood donation, with a total of 5400 ml blood donation, and each share carried the blood of love and hope of Guizhou Zhongjian Weiye into the blood bag, conveying the sincere feelings of giving back to the society, being enthusiastic about public welfare and caring for others。

In the past two years, the group company has organized 65 people to participate in unpaid blood donation activities, and fully demonstrated the humanitarian spirit of selfless dedication in the new era with their own practical actions, reflecting everyone's great love, social responsibility and noble character for the benefit of the country and the people。(Wang Daju)