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Bid rejection announcement
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Bid rejection announcement

根据Guizhou Zhongjian Weiye Construction (Group) Co., Ltd. internal biddingThe provisions ofLiping County People's Hospital overall relocation project项目Name ofElevator engineering construction team selection,于20231017日在Group companyOpen bids in conference room 1836, 18th floorThe content of the announcement is as follows:

    Reasons for bid rejection:

    The bidding documents of this project stipulate the deadline for submission of tender documentsAt 9:00 on October 17, 2023, three bidders were registered。After the bid opening, it was found that the two bidders violated the relevant regulations, and the tender was invalid。To sum up, there are less than three qualified bidders on the day of bidding, and it is decided that this tender will be dealt with as rejected bid after study。

Guizhou Zhongjian Weiye Construction (Group) Co., LTD

                      Internal bidding leadership group

                      October 24, 2023